Agenda and Minutes for 2015

Brookland Parish Council are pleased to make available their public documents for viewing or printing straight from the Internet.  On this page you will find documents for PC meetings in 2015.

For our published Freedom of Information Act, Transparency Code Information, plus our other Parish Council policies and guides, please click here.

2015 Meeting Date
19 January Agenda Minutes
16 February Agenda Minutes
16 March Agenda Minutes
20 April Agenda Minutes
18 May 2015 at 6.30pm – Annual Parish Meeting
followed by Annual Parish Council Meeting


15 June Agenda Minutes
20 July Agenda Minutes
21 September Agenda Minutes
19 October Agenda Minutes
16 November
(Budget Figures, in PDF format)
Agenda Minutes
11 December (Extraordinary Meeting) Agenda Minutes














[Note:- While great care is taken to ensure the accuracy of these documents, readers are advised that the formal documents, other records and policies are held by the Parish Clerk. These are available for inspection by prior arrangement.]