A Message from the Village Hall Committee

Please take the time to read and consider whether you could help.

Brookland Village Hall is thriving under the careful management of the Management Committee; a small growing group of local residents who work to ensure the Hall is run efficiently and there for you when you need it. Bookings are up this year – the Hall now hosts regular weekly Yoga classes, a weekly Keep Fit group, and the WI ladies monthly sessions, our local Parish Council meet there as well as frequent bookings for birthday parties and celebrations. With the Pub gone, it really is the only physical community asset we have left.

We are looking for a local volunteer to join us as Vice-Chair.

This role works closely with Diana Roper (Chair of the committee) and Benedict Potts (Secretary) to ensure the smooth running of the Hall. In reality that means being a point of contact for any issues that may arise (very infrequently), arranging any small maintenance jobs that need doing, reviewing and renewing our insurance and following up on any actions from the meetings we hold. It’s basic admin that most people who work or run a home could manage.

We only meet twice a year for an hour, the rest of the work will take around 2 hours a month.

This position would suit somebody who lives in or close to the village – maybe someone retired, someone new to the village who wants to meet people, a Mum looking to get involved in something before returning to work or just someone local who wants to give something back to the community.

Please do give it some thought – it’s a vital role for the village and does need someone to take on the role. Please do give some thought as to whether you could help.

Please call Diana Roper on 07941 617310 if you want to discuss further.